If the only prayer you say in your life is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice. -- Meister Eckhart

I found this pretty sharp guy - Robert Emmons - who has a lot to say about the power of gratitude:


For guys like me, gratitude isn't something we want to be seen going crazy with - we have an image to keep ya' know - but it is something that will bring all of us something good if choose to use it.


Fake it Until You Become It


An update on the old advice given to new salespeople, network marketers and other beginners, “fake it ’til you make it” gets a new lease on life.

If you are embarking on a new venture, changing your body language is not only a way to influence other people’s perceptions of you, but ultimately it can actually change the way that you look at yourself.

Here is the TED video of Amy Cuddy”Your body language shapes who you are”:


Okay, maybe you haven't said "damn I wish I could blog while I was on the crapper", but I bet you can think of some other possibilities. With the Blog Beast platform you can blog from the road, school, work, the beach or whereever you get your inspiration. Yep, even in here.

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This is Finn. Finn doesn't understand the Blog Beast.

Finn has no idea how cool blogging from my phone is.


I totally get it. Are you in yet?

Blog Beast Day 0


Holy crap, this is gonna be cool.
I'm in pre-release mode myself right now and just getting a first touch of the new Empower Network "Blog Beast" (or "ENV2") platform.

I get cool stuff like:

  • easy updates from my mobile device (iPhone or Android)
  • MULTIPLE BLOGS!!!!!! Yeah, I can post to all my blogs and not just my Empower blog
  • Tons of cool stuff I can remember right now

I haven't set everything up yet - like I can't find the mobile app in the Play Store yet - so I'm in pre-Launch, "holy crap" more right now, but I think this is going to be awesome.

I'll keep you updated as I figure out the rest.


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